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FCPA Blogs Round-Up: 'Straight Cash, Homie!'

Sometimes it isn't just a love of the game that motivates players, no matter what the arena.

24 September 2010

Gas-Detection Systems Manufacturer to Pay Bonuses After FCPA Settlement

The company disclosed in 2008 that it was under investigation by the Justice Department and the SEC for potential violations of the foreign bribery law.

21 September 2010

Local Chinese Authorities Fine Toyota Unit for Bribery

Local officials in east China's Zhejiang Province said Monday that Japanese carmaker Toyota's auto finance unit in China has been fined 140,000 yuan ($20,883) for involvement in commercial bribery, Xinhua reported.

21 September 2010

Firm's Shareholder FCPA Investigation - a Prompt to DOJ?

A Dallas-based securities law firm revealed previously undisclosed allegations against a plant and pipeline maintenance company.

17 September 2010

Nike Exec Questioned in China Bribery Probe

The company said it had not been contacted by authorities in China or in the U.S. about the probe.

16 September 2010

FCPA Blogs Round-Up: 'Leniency' in China

In a country where a conviction for corruption often means death, some officials are still tempted by greed.

10 September 2010

SciClone Hit With Second Federal FCPA Securities Suit

The Hong Kong-based drugmaker said in an August regulatory filing that it was under investigation for potential Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations.

09 September 2010

Chinese Bribery Prosecutions Up

Chinese prosecutors have charged more than 9,400 government officials in bribery cases in the first half of 2010.

08 September 2010

Wednesday, Sept. 8: Blog Round-Up

The FCPA can put companies and employees on opposing sides, and it seems likely to provide work for lawyers for years to come.

08 September 2010

Tuesday, Sept. 7: Blog Round-Up

Three years ago Hong "Rose" Carson was in a ladies' room at the headquarters of her employer, Control Components Inc., in Orange County, Calif., where she allegedly flushed papers relevant to an investigation down a toilet. The case offers a reminder that, at least sometimes, company executives need to deal with their in-house lawyers as if they were federal officials.

07 September 2010

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