Region: China

Huawei CFO released on bail in Canada

12 December 2018

Huawei CFO arrested in Canada for alleged sanctions violations

06 December 2018

Alibaba executive arrested in China

05 December 2018

US senators request new inquiries into ZTE

Two US senators have requested that the US commerce, treasury and state departments investigate whether Chinese telecommunications company ZTE violated US sanctions by assisting Venezuela in setting up a database that monitors the behaviour of its citizens.

29 November 2018

Kenya arrests seven in alleged rail operator cartel

26 November 2018

FCPA in Asia: “We’re not even getting called in for investigations”

Featured in Investigator’s Guide to Hong Kong

The once fruitful line of US-led foreign bribery work appears to be drying up in East Asia as lawyers report a significant drop off in cases and companies increasingly attempt to sidestep US bribery probes.

20 November 2018

Indonesia KPK questions Chinese-Indian conglomerate chairman

01 November 2018

US Court of Appeals dismisses GSK investigators’ lawsuit

19 October 2018

China’s former internet chief pleads guilty to corruption

19 October 2018

Missing Chinese chairman named in corruption trial

12 October 2018

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