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ZTE appeals against probation violation ruling

06 April 2022

Court encourages fresh criminal charges against ZTE over visa fraud scheme

A federal court in Dallas has suggested US prosecutors pursue new charges against Chinese telecoms company ZTE for allegedly conspiring to commit visa fraud and violating compliance requirements of a 2017 plea deal.

23 March 2022

Harvard professor calls China Initiative a “colossal blunder”

Charles Lieber, who was convicted of hiding ties to China, argues that he was a “casualty” of the “flawed” DOJ initiative targeting Chinese threats.

23 March 2022

ZTE faces scrutiny over visa fraud claims

Chinese telecommunications company ZTE is due in court over possible violations of its probation in connection with a 2017 sanctions plea deal.

09 March 2022

Foxconn whistleblower asks Amazon to support his appeal

31 January 2022

Tencent fires 70 staff over corruption

25 January 2022

GIR Live Hong Kong: New Chinese data law hampering internal investigations

Featured in Investigator’s Guide to Hong Kong

“We’ve been facing a lot more pressure from the targets of investigations,” said a Hong Kong-based lawyer.

09 December 2021

Ex-Hong Kong judge: Courts will treat national security cases fairly

A former Hong Kong chief justice has said that he expects local courts will rule on cases brought under China’s controversial national security law with fairness.

08 December 2021

Hong Kong regulator fines four banks over anti-money laundering breaches

Hong Kong’s banking regulator has fined Swiss lender UBS, Commercial Bank of China and two other banks for historic anti-money laundering breaches.

22 November 2021

US fines laboratory equipment company over Huawei sales

The US export control enforcer has handed down its first fine to a company for shipping products to blacklisted Chinese phone parts manufacturer Huawei, as well as its chip-making subsidiary.

09 November 2021

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