Region: China

Spanish court accuses ICBC of aiding money laundering in Europe

12 September 2017

FBI unpicks North Korea's strategy to launder US dollars through Russia

The US Department of Justice has launched a civil action against two Singapore-listed companies it alleges were complicit in a North Korean conspiracy to circumvent US trade sanctions.

23 August 2017

China's top prosecutor to crack down on financial crimes

23 August 2017

SFO charging decisions on GSK and Rolls-Royce cases expected next year

11 August 2017

Former CSRC vice chairman found guilty of discipline violations

21 July 2017

China's anti-corruption watchdog removes deputy head of state asset regulator

05 July 2017

China’s State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC)

Featured in The Due Process Guide 2017

05 July 2017

US imposes sanctions on Chinese bank that was a "gateway for North Korea"

The US has imposed sanctions on China’s Bank of Dandong for allegedly laundering money from North Korea. The Treasury says that the sanctions will “sever the bank from the US financial system.”

30 June 2017

Trump has 'shaken' Chinese companies’ confidence in FCPA enforcement

Chinese companies are questioning how the US will enforce the FCPA because of President Donald Trump’s past comments on the foreign bribery law, an in-house counsel at United Technologies Corporation’s Chinese subsidiary has said.

15 June 2017

Chinese billionaire detained by authorities over corruption allegations

15 June 2017

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