Region: China

Businessman sentenced over US export control violations

08 March 2021

US charges businessman with stealing GE semiconductor technology

01 March 2021

Companies eye structural changes amid bleak outlook for China trade restrictions

Multinationals are drawing up plans to sever their US and China operations amid fears that complying with trade restrictions could become impossible if relations between the two countries deteriorate further.

26 February 2021

Chinese hotel company claims review disproves short seller allegations

Chinese hotel group Huazhu says that a recent internal investigation has refuted allegations that it lied about the size of its portfolio of properties to produce fake financial statements.

11 February 2021

China requests Deloitte internal investigation over alleged auditing breaches

11 February 2021

UK export control enforcer reportedly investigating universities over China dealings

09 February 2021

Huawei accuses US prosecutors of sitting on exculpatory evidence

Chinese telecommunications company Huawei has accused US prosecutors of making insufficient and delayed disclosures of potentially exculpatory material in a repeated request for information it says is critical to its defence.

08 February 2021

Ex-University of Florida professor indicted over China-linked fraud

04 February 2021

US prosecutors target China-bound oil shipment

Federal prosecutors in Washington, DC, are attempting to seize a shipment of crude oil allegedly being transported to China at the direction of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards.

03 February 2021

Tencent fires over 100 staff over corruption

03 February 2021

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