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Canada favours UK-style DPAs following public consultation

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Following two separate consultations, Canada has said it will change its harsh debarment rules and usher in what appear to be UK-style deferred prosecution agreements.

26 February 2018

Canada sanctions 50 individuals through Magnitsky Act

06 November 2017

Canada adopts Magnitsky Act

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Canada’s parliament has passed a new law to impose sanctions on corrupt foreign officials that bars companies in Canada from dealing with them.

25 October 2017

Canada weighs up UK versus US DPA models

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Canadian lawyers welcomed plans to introduce DPA-style settlements as the country also considers whether to change its “death-sentence” debarment rules.

13 October 2017

Sweden acquits Bombardier bribery suspect

Sweden’s Bombardier investigation will continue despite this week’s acquittal of one of the main suspects in the case, the lead prosecutor has said.

12 October 2017

Sweden acquits Bombardier suspect of Azerbaijan bribery charges

11 October 2017

Canada considers introducing DPAs

06 October 2017

Sweden releases Bombardier suspect ahead of bribery verdict

05 October 2017

Canadian securities regulators review cybersecurity after SEC hack

22 September 2017

Sweden considers Bombardier charges in Azerbaijan bribery case

The lead prosecutor in Sweden's largest-ever bribery case has told GIR that he will decide whether to charge Canadian aerospace and transportation company Bombardier after the trial of the company's head of sales and marketing in Sweden concludes.

30 August 2017

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