Region: Bulgaria

Bulgarian parliament sinks anti-corruption agency plans

13 May 2016

Bulgaria backs plans for super anti-corruption enforcer

31 March 2016

Bulgaria considers creating one anti-graft authority

03 March 2016

Bulgaria rejects anonymous whistleblower law

Bulgaria's parliament has rejected a draft law that would have allowed investigators to launch corruption investigations on the back of anonymous tip-offs, according to reports.

09 September 2015

Bulgaria to create special anti-corruption unit

The Bulgarian government approved plans to introduce a specialised corruption investigation team to tackle “high-level” bribery on 17 June, according to reports. The new unit will start investigating cases in early 2016.

19 June 2015

Bulgaria to overhaul anti-corruption system

A new Specialised Anti-Corruption Unit began operations in Bulgaria on Monday, as part of a wider overhaul of the country's anti-corruption framework following repeated criticism from the European Union of the country's efforts to combat corruption so far.

07 April 2015

Only four countries actively prosecuting bribery, Transparency International says

Only four out of 41 countries party to the OECD anti-bribery convention are actively prosecuting corrupt companies, says Transparency International. According to the organisation’s annual progress report on enforcement of the OECD anti-bribery convention released on 23 October, only Germany, France, the UK and the US are active, while Canada and New Zealand are the only countries to have improved since last year.

23 October 2014

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