Region: Brazil

Brazilian prosecutors’ absence casts doubt on multi-agency cooperation agreement

Brazil’s well-received plan to coordinate leniency deals could be thwarted by the Federal Prosecution Service’s refusal to come to the table, experts say.

14 August 2020

Philips earmarks money for Brazilian healthcare cartel probe

20 July 2020

Costa Rica asks Spain and Brazil for assistance in bribery probe

29 June 2020

Brazil issues 12 arrest warrants in probe of Eletrobras subsidiary

25 June 2020

Brazil Supreme Court allows police to inspect bank records in anti-democratic rally probe

17 June 2020

Brazil’s former justice minister accuses Bolsonaro of abandoning anti-corruption efforts

03 June 2020

Crisis-driven innovation in Brazilian internal investigation practice

Francisco Petros and Thaís Folgosi Françoso at FF Advogados in Brazil and Iris Bennett and Carlos André Galante Grover at Smith Pachter McWhorter in the US examine innovations in internal investigation practices in Brazil spurred by the covid-19 pandemic, the benefits of change, and provide tips to manage enforcement authorities' expectations.

02 June 2020

TI Brazil calls for corruption investigation into Bolsonaro following Moro’s resignation

27 April 2020

Brazilian lawyers decry short reporting period for companies targeted under Clean Companies Act

Featured in Investigator's Guide to Brazil

Lawyers in Brazil say a recent change to the country’s flagship anti-corruption law requiring local and multinational companies accused of corruption to submit three sets of detailed documents within 30 days is too burdensome.

06 April 2020

AFA and CGU agree closer cooperation

25 March 2020

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