Region: Bolivia

Four sentenced to prison for Bolivian bribery scheme

Three US citizens and a Bolivian citizen were sentenced to prison time in connection with a conspiracy to bribe Bolivian government officials in exchange for a $5.6 million contract from that government.

14 June 2022

Law firms from 11 Latin American countries unite to develop investigations best practices

Brazilian law firm TozziniFreire has launched a network aimed at developing compliance best practices and enhancing discussion on regional anti-corruption matters.

27 November 2018

Petrobras Bolivia's contract dispute leads to house arrest

09 May 2017

Bolivia dismisses 60 prosecutors for alleged corruption

18 November 2016

Bolivian anti-corruption law stifles whistleblowers

In Bolivia, whistleblowers are being discouraged from coming forward in corruption cases because they risk having their identity made public if the person they accuse of wrongdoing is acquitted. By Rosanna Butters

18 June 2015

DoJ expects more cooperation between US and Latin American enforcers

Cooperation between US and Latin American law enforcers will continue to increase according to James Koukios, senior deputy chief of the fraud section in the criminal division of the US Department of Justice, who urged companies to cooperate with authorities.

22 October 2014

DoJ points to sectors most vulnerable to corruption in LatAm

Evidence from investigations around Latin America suggests that the extractive, utilities and health sectors are among those most vulnerable to corruption, says James Koukios, senior deputy chief of the fraud section in the criminal division of the US Department of Justice.

17 October 2014

Two weeks to go until São Paulo Anti-Corruption Conference

Only two weeks to go until Latin Lawyer and GIR’s 2nd Annual Anti-Corruption & Investigations Conference, which takes place on Thursday 16 October at the Tivoli Hotel in São Paulo.

29 September 2014

Report urges greater protection for whistleblowers in LatAm’s biggest companies

Corporate counsel in Latin America have a key role in promoting codes of conduct that encourage misconduct to be reported, but more needs to be done to ensure whistleblowers receive explicit protection from retaliation or alienation, according to recent research into the business ethics of Latin America’s biggest companies.

29 August 2014

IBA Mexico: head to toe compliance in Latin America

Successful compliance programmes might start at the top, but if the message fails to reach the bottom, companies will still land themselves in trouble. Marieke Breijer in Mexico City.

15 May 2014

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