Region: Belgium

Skype taken to court over refusal to assist Belgium in criminal investigation

A Belgian court will soon decide whether online communications services should be required by law to assist authorities in criminal investigations.

28 May 2015

Belgium considering new settlement tool

Belgium’s Ministry of Justice has announced plans to introduce a new type of corporate settlement tool that will require companies to admit guilt.

26 March 2015

Belgian mayor quits following corruption arrest

The mayor of Belgian municipality Waterloo has resigned following allegations that he helped facilitate the bribery of officials in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

02 March 2015

Lynch nomination vote delayed over her HSBC DPA role

The US senate judiciary committee has delayed a nomination vote for attorney general candidate Loretta Lynch, to allow lawmakers time to question her about her role in the DoJ’s 2012 HSBC deferred prosecution agreement for anti-money laundering failures.

13 February 2015

Criminal prosecution of HSBC in UK would be “difficult and clumsy”

HSBC is facing renewed scrutiny in the UK, US, Belgium and France after leaked details indicating that its Swiss private banking division helped wealthy clients allegedly evade tax were published across the world.

11 February 2015

Belgian judge accuses HSBC of money laundering

A Belgian investigating judge has charged HSBC’s private banking arm in Switzerland with money laundering and fraud for helping wealthy clients avoid tax.

18 November 2014

West ratchets up sanction pressure on Russia

Herman Van Rompuy, president of the European Council, announced on 30 August that the EU stands ready to take “significant further steps” in response to Russian military action in Ukraine.

02 September 2014

Ecclestone settlement exposes German law imperfections

Featured in Investigator's Guide to Germany

Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone’s €74 million payment to settle criminal bribery allegations in Germany has exposed doubts about whether such agreements are legally acceptable.

07 August 2014

MoFo makes Friedman Europe managing partner

Investigations lawyer Paul Friedman, co-chair of Morrison & Foerster’s FCPA and anti-corruption task force, has become the firm’s first managing partner for Europe, it was announced today.

08 July 2014

UBS Belgium chief executive charged in tax probe

A Belgian investigating judge has charged the head of UBS’s subsidiary in Belgium for his involvement in an alleged multi-billion tax fraud scheme. Belgian police raided the bank on Thursday morning, and arrested and questioned Marcel Bruehwiler for several hours.

20 June 2014

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