Region: Bahamas

DOJ eyeing individuals linked to Odebrecht bribery scheme

US prosecutors appear to have filed cases against two individuals who were identified by Brazilian authorities in plea testimonies as having helped Odebrecht executives launder money but who were never pursued.

07 December 2017

Former EU antitrust commissioner named in Bahamas leaks

22 September 2016

France targets RBC Bahamas unit

French prosecutors have recommended the Royal Bank of Canada’s Bahamas wealth-management unit face criminal charges of tax fraud and money laundering.

27 February 2015

First use of FATCA in enforcement only “icing on the cake”

Multiple US enforcers have cooperated to pursue an alleged scheme to commit tax and securities fraud, including an attempt to evade FATCA reporting requirements. But lawyers tell GIR the case could have been brought without mentioning FATCA at all.

11 September 2014

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