Region: Azerbaijan

UK court denies Azerbaijani extradition request for Hajiyeva

26 September 2019

Azerbaijani banker’s wife fights extradition

07 November 2018

NCA seizes jewellery as part of UWO against jailed banker’s wife

02 November 2018

Mystery banker’s wife revealed

The wife of the jailed former chairman of the International Bank of Azerbaijan has been named as the first challenger to the UK’s new tool to investigate ill-gotten wealth.

10 October 2018

Sweden acquits Bombardier bribery suspect

Sweden’s Bombardier investigation will continue despite this week’s acquittal of one of the main suspects in the case, the lead prosecutor has said.

12 October 2017

Bulgaria to investigate EBRD representative over Azerbaijani laundromat allegations

08 September 2017

Sweden considers Bombardier charges in Azerbaijan bribery case

The lead prosecutor in Sweden's largest-ever bribery case has told GIR that he will decide whether to charge Canadian aerospace and transportation company Bombardier after the trial of the company's head of sales and marketing in Sweden concludes.

30 August 2017

Bombardier issues statement on employee charged with bribery in Sweden

21 August 2017

Swedish prosecutors to charge Bombardier employee in corruption probe

18 August 2017

Austrians given suspended sentences for Syria and Azerbaijan bribery

Two former executives of the banknote printing unit of Austria’s central bank were sentenced to two-year suspended sentences by Vienna’s criminal court on 4 October, after they admitted bribing officials in Syria and Azerbaijan, Bloomberg reports.

09 October 2014

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