Region: Austria

Austrian prosecutors face arbitration battle over alleged due process violations

The owner of a Vienna bank targeted by multiple fraud investigations has lodged what is thought to be the first-ever investment treaty claim against Austria.

05 August 2015

EU unveils tougher tax avoidance draft laws

According to reports, new EU draft laws, published on 8 July, designed to combat tax evasion and avoidance will require large companies with subsidiaries in the EU to declare the profit they make and the taxes they pay in each country.

10 July 2015

Current use of expert witnesses in Austria is lawful, says court

After months of deliberation, Austria’s Constitutional Court said on 2 April that it is lawful for courts to appoint expert witnesses who previously helped prosecutors investigate the case under trial.

08 April 2015

Schönherr promotes in Vienna

Judges in Austria are increasingly taking companies’ compliance efforts into account, says Heidemarie Paulitsch, speaking to GIR a few days after she’d been promoted to counsel at Austrian firm Schönherr.

25 March 2015

Use of expert witnesses in Austria needs “major overhaul”

The Constitutional Court of Austria is considering whether specialists with close ties to prosecutors should act as expert witnesses in cases.

24 March 2015

Austria’s Public Prosecutors (APP)

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Grade: BSounds like Austria’s doing ok

09 March 2015

Austrians given suspended sentences for Syria and Azerbaijan bribery

Two former executives of the banknote printing unit of Austria’s central bank were sentenced to two-year suspended sentences by Vienna’s criminal court on 4 October, after they admitted bribing officials in Syria and Azerbaijan, Bloomberg reports.

09 October 2014

Austria drops investigations of US diplomat after unfreezing family assets

The Vienna public prosecution authority has terminated its investigation of a senior US diplomat and his wife, a case that was part of a wider US money-laundering probe, according to a lawyer for the couple.

17 September 2014

Austrian court lifts bank account freeze on US diplomat’s wife

The regional high court in Vienna lifted a freeze on bank deposits held by the wife of a former US diplomat who is being investigated for money laundering. According to reports, the court said Austrian prosecutors, who were responding to a US Department of Justice request for legal assistance, had overstepped their authority.

15 September 2014

Munich prosecutors settle another case after lack of evidence

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Four defendants accused of bribery and breaching their fiduciary duty have agreed with Munich prosecutors to pay a penalty to end criminal proceedings early, just weeks after Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone did the same.

26 August 2014

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