Region: Austria

UK authorities join long list of agencies investigating Uber

30 November 2017

Airbus CEO will step down if necessary amid corruption investigations

16 October 2017

Airbus exonerated in Eurofighter bribery probe

21 September 2017

Airbus claims right to be presumed innocent has been violated

Airbus has threatened Austria's defence minister with legal action after he accused the company of fraud in the 2003 Eurofighter deal.

20 September 2017

Airbus denies Austrian allegations in Eurofighter investigation

18 September 2017

Bosch under criminal investigation in Austria

Bosch is one of two companies being investigated by Vienna prosecutors over allegations linked to Volkswagen's continuing emissions-rigging scandal, the German engineering conglomerate confirmed to GIR.

09 August 2017

Austria's Chancellor calls for out-of-court resolution with Airbus

31 July 2017

Airbus CEO hits back over Austria fraud investigation

28 April 2017

Airbus CEO under investigation in Austrian Eurofighter probe

26 April 2017

Austrian opposition may seek fresh parliamentary inquiry into Eurofighter jet deal

01 March 2017

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