Topic: Privilege

Walmart cites privilege protection in retaliation lawsuit

Walmart brought up attorney client privilege as a reason to seal or dismiss its former lawyer’s wrongful termination lawsuit.

05 June 2020

Fraud Section to create new privilege unit

The unit will primarily handle privilege-related issues following complaints from defence counsel that prosecutors tainted cases during search and seizures.

13 May 2020

Japan considers introducing attorney-client privilege

Japanese lawyers have welcomed the prospect of attorney-client privilege in the country’s judicial landscape but said it could be a long time before it applies to white-collar cases.

30 April 2020

IRS’s subpoena of law firm client list survives Fifth Circuit appeal

A US appeals court has ruled that the IRS is allowed to subpoena a law firm’s client list as part of a probe into an alleged offshore tax evasion scheme.

29 April 2020

Sports Direct wins partial victory in privilege wrangle

Featured in In-house

The ruling rejects the notion that email attachments are privileged simply because they are linked to privileged communications.

20 February 2020

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