Topic: Privilege

JPMorgan argues against handing over documents in spoofing case

06 June 2022

Ex-JPMorgan trader seeks privileged bank emails as spoofing trial nears

A former JPMorgan trader facing market manipulation charges wants the lender to turn over internal emails and documents that purportedly show the bank’s own lawyers didn’t think his trading strategy was improper.

24 May 2022

Judge clarifies Cognizant privilege ruling

In a searing order, a New Jersey federal judge said the company cannot redact internal investigation documents that two former Cognizant executives are entitled to review.

05 May 2022

Dutch authorities appeal against privilege ruling

The Netherlands’ state prosecution service is appealing against a part of a recent privilege decision that requires the agency to ask email service providers to filter out confidential communications before they respond to authority information requests.

21 April 2022

Dutch court: state authorities violated privilege rules in criminal case

“The most recent ruling is front-page news in the Netherlands and is really embarrassing for the government,” one lawyer said.

24 March 2022

DOJ accuses Google of “artificial” privilege claims

Google has abused the concept of attorney-client privilege to shield at least tens of thousands of documents from discovery, the Department of Justice has said.

22 March 2022

Public inquiry: casino company withheld non-privileged report from Austrac

22 March 2022

PNF and AFA publish draft guidance for corruption investigations

Their goal is to encourage internal investigations in France, in the hope companies will then share more frequently the results of their investigations with the authorities,” said one lawyer.

17 March 2022

Law firm targets Dutch authorities over alleged privilege breaches

Two groups representing Dutch criminal defence lawyers have joined law firm Stibbe in a civil case over alleged infringements of confidential communications between lawyers and their clients.

04 February 2022

Former BitMEX executives demand whistleblower interview notes

19 January 2022

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