Organisation: Unaoil

Wood Group expects to settle Unaoil-linked investigations

The Scottish oil company said on Tuesday that it expects to reach a $46 million settlement with US, Brazilian and Scottish authorities over bribery allegations related to Monaco-based energy consultant Unaoil.

10 March 2020

Unaoil-linked companies disclose updates on investigations

KBR and Petrofac have provided updates on their respective bribery investigations related to Monaco-based consultancy Unaoil.

25 February 2020

Former prosecutor: US charges against Unaoil brothers may damage SFO morale

A former SFO lawyer has said the DOJ’s bribery charges against Unaoil’s two most senior executives show the UK must ask itself if it wants to become a “subservient jurisdiction” to the US.

01 November 2019

Unaoil brothers plead guilty in US

Court documents reveal a sprawling bribery scheme implicating over 25 companies, many of which are based in the US.

30 October 2019

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