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Petrofac to plead guilty over bribery in the Middle East

UK-based oil company Petrofac has said that it has reached a plea agreement with the SFO over its failure to stop bribery in Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the UAE between 2011 and 2017.

24 September 2021

SFO: QC appointed for review of Serco failures

16 July 2021

SFO told to disclose records of meetings with Unaoil “fixer”

A London court has ordered the SFO to hand over records of meetings between senior officials, including director Lisa Osofsky, and a private intelligence operative in connection to a bribery probe into Monegasque oil consultancy Unaoil.

01 July 2021

New Guernsey investigations agency to prioritise tackling money laundering

Guernsey’s newly-created financial crime agency, led by a former SFO chief investigator, has its sights set on tackling international criminals seeking to launder funds through the island’s financial system.

29 June 2021

Wood Group enters global resolution over Amec Foster Wheeler bribes

Scottish energy company Wood Group has agreed to pay $177 million in settlements with authorities in the UK, the US and Brazil over foreign bribery.

28 June 2021

Report: SFO Petrofac investigation looking at alleged bribery in nine countries

21 June 2021

Ex-SBM Offshore lawyer: “no choice” but to reveal widespread corruption

Jonathan Taylor says he doesn’t regret his role in exposing alleged worldwide bribery by the Netherlands-based oil services company despite it leading to his almost year-long detention in Croatia.

07 May 2021

SFO appeals against unfair dismissal ruling of former Unaoil case controller

The UK’s anti-fraud agency is contesting an employment tribunal decision that it unfairly dismissed Tom Martin, the former case controller previously in charge of the long-running Unaoil bribery investigation.

23 April 2021

SFO ends KBR bribery probe

The UK’s anti-fraud agency has announced that it has closed an investigation into engineering company KBR, shortly after the Supreme Court blocked its attempt to seize material the business had stored overseas.

18 March 2021

Wood Group resolves Scottish Unaoil case

The resolution was announced on the same day that the Aberdeen-based company announced it added $151 million in legal provisions to end bribery probes in the US, the UK, Brazil and Scotland.

16 March 2021

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