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UK official’s comment hints at disagreement over disclosure rules for fraud cases

The official’s comments appear to suggest a disconnect between the views of the Attorney General’s Office and the Serious Fraud Office, which is pushing for a change in the rules governing disclosure obligations in criminal cases.

22 April 2022

MPs reproach SFO director for evading Unaoil scrutiny

Politicians on Tuesday accused the director of the UK’s Serious Fraud Office of hiding behind an ongoing review of the agency to avoid questions about the high-profile collapse of two individual prosecutions in an international bribery investigation.

29 March 2022

Another conviction overturned in UK Unaoil case

A London appeal court has quashed the conviction of ex-SBM Offshore sales manager Paul Bond over the same disclosure failures that saw a former colleague’s conviction thrown out some three months earlier.

24 March 2022

Opposition MP says SFO review won’t fix “hopeless” anti-fraud record

10 February 2022

Politicians grill SFO director over Serco collapse

The head of the UK's Serious Fraud Office said she may apply to extend her time in charge of the agency during a parliamentary hearing where she was questioned about the collapse of two high-profile cases.

09 February 2022

Attorney general appoints former judge to lead Unaoil review

A retired UK high court judge is set to lead a review into the Serious Fraud Office’s handling of the Unaoil case.

09 February 2022

A second oil executive challenges UK bribery conviction

A former executive of Dutch oil company SBM Offshore has challenged his UK conviction for bribery in Iraq, following an appeals court’s decision to throw out the guilty verdict against his former co-defendant.

21 December 2021

SFO to confiscate funds from convicted former Unaoil executive

A London court has ordered Stephen Whiteley, a former Iraq territory manager at Monaco energy consultancy Unaoil, to forfeit illicit gains totalling £96,000 following his 2020 bribery conviction.

03 November 2021

SFO defends conduct in ex-Unaoil executive’s foreign bribery trial

Of course there were errors and omissions, there always are in a disclosure exercise of this kind,” the SFO’s counsel told a London court on Thursday about evidence handed to the defence ahead of trial.

21 October 2021

SFO accused of withholding evidence in Unaoil trial

A former Unaoil executive’s legal team has argued in a London court that the Serious Fraud Office concealed details of its role in an alleged scheme to hand the bulk of a major corruption case to US authorities.

20 October 2021

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