Organisation: Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation (UK)

US and UK sanctions collaboration hits new heights – from export controls to Christmas parties

GIR Insight is launching a new Sanctions Roundtable on 25 April. It provides a six-month touchpoint for the most recent developments since the launch of the Guide to Sanctions and sees panellists discuss how some of the biggest authorities are working together more closely than ever.

21 April 2023

OFSI to reject licences for legal fees relating to defamation cases

31 March 2023

OFSI sets due diligence bar in latest enforcement guidance

The UK’s civil sanctions enforcement agency has detailed, for the first time, the due diligence steps that companies can take to reduce potential fines for breaching sanctions.

20 March 2023

Belarusian company seeks to overturn UK sanctions designation

In the first legal challenge of its kind to be heard in open court, a Minsk-based security company accused the UK government of unlawfully sanctioning the business over claims it helped the Belarus government target political activists.

02 March 2023

First OFSI report on unpunished breaches to come soon

OFSI recently gained powers to disclose details of apparent financial sanctions violations in cases that don’t attract a fine.

01 February 2023

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