Organisation: FBI

Engineer charged for stealing secrets from GM, Boeing-owned defence business

HRL Laboratories told GIR that it reported former employee Chenguang Gong to the authorities after becoming aware of his “suspicious activity”. Prosecutors have since accused the engineer of stealing confidential designs for sensors that track nuclear and ballistic missile launches.

09 February 2024

Ex-FBI agent sentenced to 50 months in prison for Deripaska business

15 December 2023

US law enforcement arrives in Cyprus to assist sanctions cases: AFP

07 December 2023

Bank of America faces scrutiny over FBI information sharing

20 November 2023

Ex-FBI counterintelligence official pleads guilty to working for Russian oligarch

Charles McGonigal admitted to helping Oleg Deripaska collect negative information about one of his business rivals.

15 August 2023

Ex-FBI counterintelligence official may plead guilty in sanctions case

Charles McGonigal, the former head of the FBI’s counterintelligence unit in New York, has informed a federal judge that he may wish to change his plea after initially denying charges that he violated US sanctions by secretly working for a Russian oligarch.

08 August 2023

The ‘Art’ of Investigating: Responding and Investigating at the Same Time and Overseeing a Privileged Forensic Investigation

Featured in The Guide to Cyber Investigations - Third Edition

Incident response requires an immediate, coordinated effort to gather the facts and execute a response that enables a company to react to a cybersecurity incident. Companies must be prepared to manage a variety of different workflows simultaneously to mitigate further damage and prepare for the next steps.

09 June 2023

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