Urquiza Pimentel e Fonti Advogados

Urquiza, Pimentel e Fonti Advogados is a boutique law firm specialised in corporate criminal law and compliance, in São Paulo, Brazil. The firm is dedicated to offering a personalised service for our clients, combining extensive experience in serving multinational and national companies, complemented by the last 10 years of practice in a renowned office in Brazil associated with one of the largest law firms in the world.The firm provides to its clients distinguished legal opinions, with a business-oriented approach, based on a solid and multi-disciplinary overview of the law.The firm’s work stands out in defending the interests of corporate and individuals in crimes against the tax system, environment, consumer, intellectual property, public bidding, economic order, financial system, electronic means and all issues related to corporate activity, as well as drafting opinions and preventive measures.Since 2003, the firm has worked on complex compliance cases, helping clients on searches and seizures, investigations on patrimonial frauds, corruption, FCPA, UK Bribery Act, antitrust, money laundering, compliance development training and programme creation, IT policies, hospitality guides, conduct codes and due diligence.

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