Poul Schmith

Kammeradvokaten/Poul Schmith is a full-service Danish law firm employing the most talented lawyers in the country. Since our formation in 1936 we have grown organically to become the largest law firm in Denmark. Agility and innovation are part of our DNA and we are known as leaders of digital transformation in the Danish legal industry.

Our core value is proper conduct that we observe and pursue in everything we do. We are proactive in our way of advising and take responsibility to find commercially sound solutions to assist our clients in reaching their business goals.

Each year, we represent our clients in more than 1,500 lawsuits, around 80 of those before the Supreme Court, and we are successful in close to 90 per cent of the lawsuits we litigate.

As Denmark’s leading litigation law firm, we have in-depth knowledge and experience in handling disputes before other instances than the ordinary courts of law, for instance before arbitration tribunals. We take part in more than 100 arbitration proceedings each year, and we make sure to apply the same dedicated and structured approach to all other disputes we handle on behalf of our clients.

We also have a number of highly qualified arbitrators available for appointment in arbitration proceedings. All of our arbitrators have completed the arbitrator training programme and, combined, have expertise in all areas of the law, enabling us to offer disputing parties an arbitrator with special insight into the specific area.


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