Here at Midroc you will meet 3,600 community and industrial developers. Every day, we want to make a positive difference, both in small and large matters. It means that we raise our heads and see our projects as parts of a greater whole.

Our vision is a better future, in which we contribute to creating a community where people can live, grow and prosper. When we work for the future, we have to conduct responsible businesses and contribute with innovative ideas that last over time, whether we plan to build a new neighborhood or develop solutions for the industry.

We work in many different locations and we cover multiple industries. What we have in common is our vision and our way of working, we all want to make a positive difference every day to contribute to a better future.

We split our business into three areas, Contracting, Properties and Invest. Contracting comprises our contracting and consulting businesses where we take on multi-disciplinary projects and carry out service and maintenance. Properties comprises our property and office businesses where we develop and build properties and town districts. Invest comprises our investing business that develops companies and innovations through long-term investments. The spine of everything that we do is our way of working, which is expressed through our distinct project and corporate culture.


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