Litredi SC

LITREDI is a boutique law firm specialising in arbitration, litigation, and dispute resolution in general. It provides legal services, in all stages of a controversy, including, of course, any potential settlement, to national and international clients including corporations, governments, state-owned entities, private individuals, organisations and vulnerable groups. LITREDI members together have more than 55 years of experience and throughout their professional careers have been successful in 91% of their cases. The firm seeks to make a positive difference and provides clients with the highest level of support and personal involvement at every stage. The firm is also an expert in the design of tailor-made strategies for the prompt and efficient resolution of a dispute and, where possible, for the avoidance of future conflicts. LITREDI has a deep-rooted understanding of arbitration as their members have been at the forefront of well-known cases that have set precedents in the arbitration and related litigation arenas. The work LITREDI takes up include the advice on all stages of the commercial arbitration proceeding (including the adoption of arbitration agreements, the design of dispute avoidance strategies and the early management of future controversies) and, if necessary, the appearance as counsel before all major arbitral institutions, such as ICC, LCIA, ICDR-AAA, CAM, CANACO, SIAC, HKIAC, as well as ad hoc arbitrations under UNCITRAL Rules or others. Specific LITREDI members also have thorough experience sitting as arbitrators and as legal experts in arbitration proceedings.

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