Our law-firm has a range of different and new services. We are focused on corporations, companies, institutions, and individuals, with a hallmark of expertise in each of our practice areas. We approach our work from a public-private viewpoint, rely upon intense collaboration systems, and always adopt a legal-economic approach at the time of addressing the issues. Moreover, although we work very hard, we do not lose our humor and warmth.

Our brief and successful history dates back to January 15, 2000, when our founding partners decided to take the risk of embarking on the Chilean traditional legal services market and created the first law firm completely specialized in Antitrust and Economic Regulation. Many years have passed since, and FerradaNehme is already among the leading law firms in Chile, according to any measurement criterion. The gradual introduction of new and highly specialized practice areas has led us to grow beyond what we ever thought, and to develop new ways of doing things. But some things have not changed. Our enthusiasm, our passion, and our humanistic, multidisciplinary, and contemporary approach are intact. Our steady study and discipline, a well understood passion, foolproof ethics and an unusual taste for doing things well, always lead us to a simple result: we can provide some of the best legal services that may be found in the country. But that is said by others, namely, the national and international rankings and the high regard with which the market honors us.

Our focus is to provide our clients with the most specialized, comprehensive, challenging, and complex legal services offered in the Chilean legal market.

The internal culture we have built is entertaining, powerful and dynamic, full of different meanings. Everyone helps build this culture with his or her own particular personal characteristics. FerradaNehme’s collective personality could be defined as intense, thoughtful, deep, bold, innovative, tenacious, and persevering.

We have a real, deep, and genuine commitment to diversity. Our law firm does not allow any forms of arbitrary discrimination, whether in the recruitment process or during work careers within the firm.

We also have a long-established habit of commitment to gender policies. Since our founding in 2000, we equalize wages, salaries, and working conditions between men and women. Over 50% of our employees are women, and we are also one of the few Chilean law firms in which a woman has her name on the letterhead.


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