Ecuadorian judge approves charges in hydroelectric dam bribery scheme

An Ecuadorian judge has accepted the charges brought by prosecutors against 37 people, including a former president, over an alleged bribery scheme where Chinese state-owned company paid $76 million in bribes to public officials for nearly a decade.

06 March 2023

Criminal Division rolls out guidance on compensation clawbacks

Assistant attorney general Kenneth Polite on Friday outlined new DOJ policies concerning compensation clawbacks, third-party messaging platforms, and monitorships.

03 March 2023

SFO wins first DPA-related conviction

For the first time in 16 attempts, the Serious Fraud Office secured the conviction of an individual in a case where a company entered into a deferred prosecution agreement over related misconduct.

03 March 2023

Spain’s new whistleblower law receives lukewarm reception

The Spanish government has passed a long-awaited but divisive whistleblowing law. Defence lawyers said it could prove tricky for companies to comply with new self-reporting obligations, while campaign groups said the legislation doesn’t sufficiently protect whistleblowers.

03 March 2023

DOJ, Commerce, Treasury roll out first joint national security guidance

The new compliance note warns companies to be particularly weary of purchases routed through countries or “transshipment points” that are commonly used in schemes to violate Russia and Belarus sanctions.

02 March 2023

Fifth Circuit to rehear appeal in PDVSA case

A panel of judges on the US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit said it would re-hear oral arguments that resulted in the revival of an FCPA case against a dual Swiss-Portuguese citizen.

02 March 2023

Belarusian company seeks to overturn UK sanctions designation

In the first legal challenge of its kind to be heard in open court, a Minsk-based security company accused the UK government of unlawfully sanctioning the business over claims it helped the Belarus government target political activists.

02 March 2023

Indian tobacco company reaches US sanctions settlement over North Korea shipment

Mumbai-based Godfrey Phillips India will pay $332,500 to settle claims that it caused US banks to breach sanctions against North Korea by disguising the destination of a tobacco shipment it sent to the country.

02 March 2023

DOJ to shake up National Security Division enforcement approach

“National security risk should be vaulting up the corporate compliance risk chart because it's going to be more and more the subject of attention from the Department of Justice,” a senior DOJ official said.

01 March 2023

Senior prosecutor: SDNY embracing a “need for speed”

The Manhattan US attorney’s office is vying to get “closer to the centre of gravity” in the FCPA space, the office’s criminal division chief said.

01 March 2023

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