Outsourced governmental investigations: the question of Brady obligations

With the government increasingly outsourcing investigations to companies, lawyers at Michelman & Robinson argue that prosecutors must produce all exculpatory evidence to a defendant – even when that material resides solely with the corporate victim that handled the probe.

27 October 2021

French lawyers ask president to amend legal advice privilege bill

“Clients just won’t have confidence in speaking to their attorney; the whole point of having an attorney-client relationship will just die,” said one white-collar lawyer.

26 October 2021

Australian casino chastised for “disgraceful” money laundering failures

Crown Resorts has been given two years to improve its anti-money laundering systems and its operations will be temporarily overseen by an anti-corruption barrister.

26 October 2021

Settlement negotiations break down in CFTC spoofing case

A federal court in Chicago has ruled that the US commodity regulator’s civil case against former Deutsche Bank trader James Vorley can proceed after settlement negotiations broke down.

25 October 2021

Lawyers brace for tougher SEC

Under new enforcement leadership, the SEC is removing red tape, seeking admissions and pursuing larger penalties. Defence lawyers are braced for more fights with the regulator.

25 October 2021

Second Circuit denies Halkbank’s challenge to US sanctions case

A US federal appeals court has said the Turkish state financial institution is not immune from prosecution for sanctions violations.

25 October 2021

France to consider tough anti-corruption reforms

A French politician has proposed wide-ranging changes to the country’s anti-corruption apparatus including making companies liable for failing to prevent crimes.

24 October 2021

Honeywell says bribery settlement will cost at least $160 million

The conglomerate has been in bribery settlement negotiations with US and Brazilian authorities.

22 October 2021

Ericsson faces DPA breach claim

Just weeks earlier a senior DOJ official warned corporations: “If you violate the terms of an NPA or DPA or plea agreement, we are going to enforce”.

22 October 2021

Law firm targeted in UK’s largest-ever proceeds of crime seizure

UK authorities have obtained £34 million from a South African law firm and a Cypriot company in the country’s largest-ever forfeiture of criminal proceeds.

22 October 2021

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