Investigator’s Guide to Switzerland

Investigator’s Guide to Switzerland

Investigator’s Guide to Switzerland
GIR looks at the intricacies of carrying out investigations in Switzerland as the country considers introducing deferred prosecution agreements to its enforcement arsenal and the Office of the Attorney General grapples with a scandal emanating from its Fifa investigation.


Gold trade compliance standards are weak, says Mark Pieth

Mark Pieth has called for greater regulation of the gold mining industry, which he argues is plagued by lax compliance and ethics standards.

Geneva given green light to share data with Italian OPL245 prosecutors

Switzerland’s top court has ruled that Geneva prosecutors can share materials seized from a Nigerian middleman with Milan prosecutors investigating alleged corruption by oil companies Shell and Eni.

Steinmetz to fight Swiss corruption charges

Lawyers say the Steinmetz case will be the Geneva prosecutor’s first international corruption investigation to reach trial stage after previous cases headed by the office resulted in pre-trial agreements.

Swiss bank settles with DOJ over concealed US bank accounts

US authorities have agreed a $10.6 million NPA with a Swiss bank that helped US clients evade taxes.

HSBC Switzerland pays €300 million to settle Belgian tax fraud case

HSBC’s Swiss private banking unit has agreed to pay €300 million to settle a tax fraud case in Belgium five years after the company was placed under investigation.

Swiss Supreme Court allows tax authorities to share UBS client data with France

Switzerland’s highest court has ruled that the Federal Tax Administration can share the identities of customers of Swiss bank UBS with French authorities.

Switzerland's Investigations Bar

GIR profiles the leading lawyers in Switzerland’s investigations community.

Swiss parliament amends controversial settlement tool

Swiss lawyers have expressed their disappointment at revisions to the country’s criminal procedure that will make it harder for prosecutors to offer settlements to foreign companies.

Swiss AG barred from Fifa investigation

A court in Bellinzona has ordered the Swiss attorney general, Michael Lauber, a prosecutor, and a former chief prosecutor to be recused from the Fifa investigation.

Swiss Attorney General faces disciplinary investigation over Fifa probe

Swiss Attorney General Michael Lauber rejected allegations of wrongdoing in a press conference hours after the supervisory body in Switzerland’s attorney general’s office announced it has opened a disciplinary investigation into him.

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