Investigator’s Guide to Hong Kong

Investigator’s Guide to Hong Kong

Hong Kong Investigator’s Guide

GIR looks at the intricacies of carrying out investigations in Hong Kong, including political considerations, data protection regulations and the city’s unique mosaic of enforcement bodies.

Bar Survey

Hong Kong Bar Survey

GIR takes an inside look at Hong Kong’s burgeoning white-collar bar and meets the region’s go-to lawyers for complex fraud, corruption and money laundering cases.

Other Highlights

Hong Kong appliance maker reveals potential Iran sanctions breaches

The manufacturer of Shark vacuums has disclosed possible violations of US sanctions on Iran over business it did with the country’s state-owned shipping company.

Steptoe opens Hong Kong office with two Clifford Chance hires

Steptoe & Johnson has recruited Clifford Chance partner Wendy Wysong to launch the firm’s new Hong Kong office.

Hong Kong SFC director: “we’re working on the difficult stuff”

The director of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission said the agency has posted record-high fines following tough scrutiny on conduct in initial public offerings.

US court allows prosecutors to access non-US bank records in sanctions probe

A US court’s decision to green light prosecutors’ subpoena of bank records that did not pass through the US financial system could extend the reach of the US justice system.

Chinese company linked to weapons of mass destruction charged with US sanctions violations

The US has charged a Chinese commodities company and four of its top executives over allegations they violated sanctions on North Korea and set up front companies to cover their tracks.

Proposed amendment to Hong Kong’s extradition law faces backlash from all sides

Lawyers say that the government’s proposed amendment to change Hong Kong’s extradition laws to allow suspects to be handed over to mainland China raises fundamental concerns due to shortcomings in China’s legal system.

Hong Kong ruling affirms SFC’s right to share evidence with foreign regulators

Lawyers said the ruling also confirms that individuals and companies have a right against self-incrimination when responding to a notice that compels them to produce information.

Prosecutors double-down as bribery sentence looms for ex-Hong Kong minister

Ahead of the sentencing of a former Hong Kong home affairs minister who was found guilty of offering bribes to African officials, prosecutors are pointing to further alleged wrongdoing that they did not pursue.

In China, a perfect storm brews over US multinationals

Brent Carlson and Colum Bancroft at AlixPartners explain why employees in China are becoming increasingly tempted to break the law.

Six-strong white-collar team joins Minter Ellison in Hong Kong

Six partners from Reed Smith Richards Butler will join Minter Ellison’s Hong Kong office as partners on 1 January 2019.

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