Investigator's Guide to France

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Investigator's Guide to France
GIR travelled to Paris to find out how the French investigative landscape has settled after the seismic shift in attitude towards investigations caused by Sapin II, the landmark anti-corruption law that came into force in July 2017.

Other Highlights

France to change market abuse laws after Airbus ruling

The decision of a Paris court to quash an insider trading case against executives of aircraft-maker Airbus Group has sparked an intense debate in France over whether criminal or administrative authorities should handle market abuse enforcement.

France appeals against Vitol and Total’s foreign bribery acquittals

The prosecutor-led appeal against a decision in which double jeopardy protections were extended to companies facing trial in France has begun in the Paris Court of Appeals.

French companies face €10 million fine for compliance failings under proposed law

The French Senate is considering a law that would for the first time oblige companies based in the country to introduce an effective anti-corruption compliance programme.

French trial on hold until US DPA expires

The pending trial of Total, which is accused of paying bribes in Iran, has been postponed by French authorities until the oil company’s related DPA with US enforcers has expired. This will allow the company to put forward a double jeopardy argument against prosecution, according to a source with knowledge of the case.

US DPAs bar future prosecution in France, Paris court rules

A French court has acquitted 14 companies accused of paying bribes to Iraqi officials, and for the first time has recognised that businesses cannot be prosecuted in France again if they have already entered into a deferred or non-prosecution agreement in the US.

France enforces strict controls on evidence sent to the US, lawyers say

Monitorship and internal investigation reports are sent to the French government for screening before being passed on to the US authorities - a process that France’s Ministry of Justice takes very seriously.

The implication of France’s failed foreign bribery case

In January, an appeal court acquitted French defence company Safran of corruption charges, in a case that shows the difficulty in proving corporate criminal liability for foreign bribery in France.

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