Investigator's Guide to France

Investigator's Guide to France

Investigator's Guide to France
GIR travelled to Paris to find out how the French investigative landscape has settled after the seismic shift in attitude towards investigations caused by Sapin II, the landmark anti-corruption law that came into force in July 2017.

Other Highlights

Google signs €500 million DPA in France over tax fraud

Google’s French and Irish arms have agreed to pay €500 million to resolve allegations that they committed tax fraud between 2011 and 2014.

French company escapes penalties for alleged Sapin II violations

The ruling by the AFA’s sanctions committee for the first time clarifies that companies do not have to follow the agency’s guidance word for word.

Gauvain report "exaggerates catastrophic nature" of US data requests

French lawyers have questioned how far proposals, contained in a recently published report, will go in helping local companies cope with intrusive foreign investigations.

French DPA guidelines draw battle lines for future privilege disputes

French authorities have for the first time issued guidance on what factors will be taken into consideration before companies are offered CJIPs. However, lawyers are not impressed with the pressure the guidelines place on companies to hand over privileged documents.

France Alstom probe continues as subsidiary appeals UK conviction

Alstom Network UK's appeal centres on whether a company can be prosecuted in the absence of its "directing minds".

French AFA routinely undermines professional secrecy, lawyers say

Lawyers at the first-ever GIR Live in Paris have said the French agency tasked with overseeing company’s compliance programmes is requesting documents typically covered by secrecy rules.

Narrow scope of legal privilege makes France “preferred hunting ground” for US authorities

A report that outlines reforms to the French Blocking Statute says the rule of law has become “a weapon of destruction in the economic war led by the US against the rest of the world”.

GIR Live: Spotlight on Paris

As French authorities progress their investigation into World Cup hosting rights by detaining and questioning former Uefa president Michel Platini, leading practitioners are gearing up to discuss major developments in France’s investigations and enforcement landscape at the first-ever GIR Live Paris on 27 June.

Proposed reforms to French blocking statute would still leave companies “stuck between two evils”

A leaked report outlining potential changes to the French Blocking Statute was recently published but French lawyers are unsure about how effective the proposals, drafted in response to “intrusive” US authorities, will be.

French prosecutors make an example of UBS

French prosecutors are pursuing eye-watering penalties against UBS in an ongoing tax evasion trial to warn companies what happens when settlement negotiations break down, according to lawyers in Paris.

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