Investigator's Guide to France

Investigator's Guide to France

Investigator's Guide to France
GIR travelled to Paris to find out how the French investigative landscape has settled after the seismic shift in attitude towards investigations caused by Sapin II, the landmark anti-corruption law that came into force in July 2017.

Other Highlights

French regulator fines US hedge fund €20 million

France’s market regulator has fined New York hedge fund Elliott Capital €20 million following an investigation into its public disclosures.

AFA awaits results of enquiry by independent auditor

France’s Court of Auditors has conducted a review of the country’s anti-corruption agency to establish if it’s making effective use of public funds.

France readying charges against individuals in Airbus bribery probe

“This is part of our policy here at the PNF: that companies are not the only ones that are accountable for corrupt practices, but individuals are also accountable for the conduct,” a senior French prosecutor told GIR in an interview.

Second French company avoids AFA penalty over compliance failures

A sanctions committee within the French Anti-corruption Agency has rejected the authority’s request to fine a company over compliance failures for a second time.

Airbus settlement proves France can go toe-to-toe with US prosecutors

The PNF’s leading role in the record-breaking Airbus bribery settlement shows that France is not only learning from the US but also holding its own in the international fight against corruption, lawyers say.

AFA guidelines should provide comfort to compliance officers

Compliance officers in France should avoid prosecution for failing to detect misconduct, according to recently released advice.

French engineering company agrees country's eighth DPA

French engineering company Egis Avia will pay €2.6 million as part of a settlement agreed with the PNF over alleged corruption in Algeria.

French banking regulator exposes “fragilities” in banking sector

The Bank of France’s regulatory arm has released an uncharacteristically transparent report that has uncovered anti-money laundering weaknesses across the country’s financial sector.

France set to appoint new PNF leader

Reims prosecutor Jean-François Bohnert is set to become the new head of France’s National Financial Prosecutor’s Office.

Former EDF exec gets five years in bribery case

A French court has sentenced a former procurement manager at energy company EDF to five years in prison and a €100,000 fine for bribery and market rigging, in a case linked to three of the country’s CJIPs.

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