Investigator's Guide to Brazil


Brazilian prosecutors vie with CGU over Car Wash settlements

Federal prosecutors overseeing the Petrobras corruption investigation are effectively settling cases with companies under Brazil’s Clean Companies Act, lawyers say, even though the country’s main anti-corruption authority, the CGU, is mandated with negotiating such deals.

CGU official: we have a coordination problem

An official at Brazil's leading anti-corruption enforcer, the CGU, has sympathised with defence lawyers’ concerns about the role of another Brazilian government agency, the federal audit court, in overseeing leniency agreements for companies accused of corruption.

CGU makes senior management the key to effective compliance programmes

Brazil’s Office of the Comptroller General (CGU) has published guidelines on corporate compliance programmes, reaffirming that upper-level management must play a central role. By Toby Luckhurst

Brazil’s Supreme Court diminishes Judge Moro’s reign over Operation Car Wash

Brazil’s Supreme Court has met defence lawyers’ demands to reduce Curitiba-based Judge Sérgio Moro’s control of the country’s widening corruption probe connected to Petrobras, by ruling that a part of the case should be judged by a São Paulo court instead.

Petrobras bribery judge casts doubt on Engevix leniency negotiations

The judge overseeing the widening corruption case involving state-controlled oil company Petrobras has questioned the integrity of Brazilian engineering company Engevix’s leniency negotiations with the CGU.

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