Investigator's Guide to Brazil

Investigator's Guide to Brazil Available in digital and print versions

Investigator's Guide to Brazil
GIR travelled to São Paulo in November for some local knowledge on investigations. From our conversations with Brazilian lawyers and prosecutors, we bring you the 2017 Investigator’s Guide to Brazil.


Skanska debarred in Brazil for alleged Petrobras-related corruption

Brazil’s main administrative anti-corruption authority has banned Skanska from bidding on government contracts over bribery allegations, but the construction company claims the measure won’t negatively affect it as it does no business in the country.

Operation Car Wash: Are conflicts ahead as lawyers clean up?

Suspects caught up in the ever widening Petrobras corruption investigation have been forced to hire lawyers already heavily involved in the case, raising ethical dilemmas and increasing the likelihood of conflicts.

Brazil’s leniency reforms spark confusion

New rules that sweeten leniency deals for companies in Brazilian corruption cases have caused widespread confusion and disagreement.

Brazil uses SBM Offshore charges to demand cooperation

Brazilian prosecutors have questioned how companies can claim privilege over the contents of internal interviews when lawyers have given interviewees Upjohn warnings.

Alstom and Siemens facing punishment in Brazilian cartel probe

Alstom, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Toshiba and four other electronics companies should be punished for participating in an international energy cartel, Brazil’s competition enforcer has said.

Norwegian oil companies dragged into Petrobras corruption probe

An increasing number of Norwegian oil services companies are becoming caught up in the corruption case involving Brazil’s state-controlled oil company Petrobras, as Brazilian authorities turn their attention to foreign businesses involved in the scandal.

Dramatic double arrest marks turning point for Petrobras corruption case

The Petrobras probe is on course to envelop Brazil’s financial sector and the higher echelons of government following the surprise double arrest of a prominent ruling party senator and a respected banking CEO, local lawyers say.

The agents linked to the Petrobras corruption scandal

With 285 foreign companies now linked to suspects in the widening corruption investigation involving Petrobras, GIR looks at 12 of the agents who have been caught up in the case for allegedly facilitating bribery at the state-controlled oil company.

30 foreign companies under investigation in Brazilian Petrobras corruption probe

In total, 285 foreign companies are known to have done business with Petrobras officials or agents who are under investigation in the widening corruption probe known as Operation Car Wash. Of those 285 companies, 30 are under investigation, a spokesperson for the Curitiba Prosecutor’s Office told GIR.

Brazil opens more Car Wash proceedings months after leniency application

Brazil’s competition enforcer has opened administrative proceedings against companies and individuals suspected of rigging bids for construction contracts at the Angra 3 power plant.

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