Investigator's Guide to Brazil

Investigator's Guide to Brazil Available in digital and print versions

Investigator's Guide to Brazil
GIR travelled to São Paulo in November for some local knowledge on investigations. From our conversations with Brazilian lawyers and prosecutors, we bring you the 2017 Investigator’s Guide to Brazil.


Vale faces severe penalties over deadliest disaster in Brazil’s history

An investigation into Brazil’s largest iron producer over a dam collapse that caused over 200 deaths could see the company face far tougher penalties than those caught up in Operation Car Wash.

Brazilian prosecutors decry Supreme Court ruling as judge suspends Petrobras settlement

The prosecutors say the ruling could jeopardise all past and current Operation Car Wash cases, including the case against former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

Brazilian lawyers react to Sérgio Moro’s replacement

Brazilian practitioners have said that Luiz Antônio Bonat, who will replace Sérgio Moro as the new judge in charge of Operation Car Wash, will be just as tough as his predecessor, but more discreet.

Brazil National Congress urged to pass anti-corruption reforms

Brazilian lawyers hope that anti-corruption reform proposals supported by the country’s incoming justice minister will be approved by Congress three years after similar measures floated by prosecutors were blocked.

Brazilian lawyers: “We are living in a land of uncertainty”

Officials from Brazil’s AGU and CGU reassured lawyers at a conference on 18 October that they are working hard to improve cooperation and coordination between authorities to provide companies with clarity on what to expect after self-reporting.

Brazilian healthcare corruption investigations show no sign of abating

As multi-agency and multi-jurisdictional investigations into an alleged medical devices cartel in Brazil continue to ensnare international medical device companies, including Philips Healthcare, Johnson & Johnson and Orthofix, GIR talks to the lead prosecutor to find out more about the probes.

Brazil’s CGU hires DOJ’s former compliance consultant

News of the hire comes shortly after the CGU published what local lawyers say is a helpful guide on how the agency will evaluate company compliance programmes.

Brazil to create social fund with Petrobras settlement money

Petrobras and Brazilian federal prosecutors have announced a first-of-a-kind $682 million agreement for the creation of a special fund for social and educational programmes in the country, as the company draws a line under bribery investigations locally and in the US.

SBM Offshore settles with prosecutors in Brazil

Dutch oil services company SBM Offshore has agreed a $48 million settlement with Brazilian prosecutors to resolve legacy bribery allegations in the country, two years after a prosecutorial body struck down a first deal.

SBM reaches “milestone” settlement with Brazilian authorities

SBM Offshore has entered into a leniency agreement worth nearly $300 million with the CGU, AGU, and Petrobras two years after a similar deal with Brazilian authorities was struck down.

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