Topic: Multilateral development banks

MDB anti-corruption teams eye shift towards prevention work

A senior anti-corruption official at a multilateral development bank anticipates a shift away from investigations towards prevention work.

20 October 2020

World Bank implements “major” compliance initiative

The World Bank’s anti-corruption unit is changing the process it uses for evaluating corporate compliance programmes when determining if companies qualify for reduced penalties. “That’s a major initiative of ours right now,” said a Bank official.

02 October 2020

MDBs are boosting their enforcement relationships, lawyers say

Growing relationships between multilateral development banks and law enforcement agencies are “one of the biggest concerns” for companies dealing with MDB investigations, one lawyer said.

09 September 2020

Why multilateral development banks may favour a DPA-style approach

Rahman Ravelli’s Aziz Rahman and Joshua Ray argue why multilateral development banks will increasingly use conditional non-debarment settlements with companies to address wrongdoing.

25 August 2020

Don’t underestimate us, says AfDB anti-corruption chief

“They think that because it's the African Development Bank they can simply wave us away. And that just is not the case at all,” the organisation’s anti-corruption chief, Alan Bacarese, tells GIR in an interview.

21 August 2020

EBRD official: Debarment is not the key anti-corruption tool

“People focus on the investigation and debarment function of MDBs as the key tool for the fight against corruption. And I personally don't necessarily believe that to be the case,” the EBRD’s compliance chief said in an interview.

12 August 2020

World Bank’s enforcement approach needs review, say lawyers

Lawyers say the World Bank’s use of debarment is outdated and needs to be changed. “I think it’s time to do so,” said one former official.

31 July 2020

MDB anti-corruption teams focus on covid-19 funds

“When you go from $60 billion to up to $160 billion, it sounds like an environment for increased fraud and corruption,” said one former World Bank official.

01 June 2020

Inter-American Development Bank grows as enforcer

The Inter-American Development Bank has recently been prioritising “high-impact” cases and developing new relationships with government enforcement agencies.

26 May 2020

Our enforcement approach is changing, says ADB anti-corruption chief

The Asian Development Bank has become more flexible in what punishments it hands out to misbehaving companies, the organisation’s anti-corruption chief said in an interview.

18 May 2020

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