Topic: Money laundering

EU court: tax offenders can be charged with laundering the proceeds

03 September 2021

Malta slaps Pilatus Bank with €5 million money laundering fine

01 September 2021

FATF: Japan needs to improve financial institution supervision

31 August 2021

Brazil charges French engineering company execs with corruption

Brazilian prosecutors have filed criminal complaints against two executives at French engineering company Doris Group over allegedly corrupt platform vessel contracts worth more than $200 million.

27 August 2021

Baltic authorities target Estonian bank in coordinated action

Financial regulators in the Baltic states have urged Estonian bank Luminor to improve its anti-money laundering measures after authorities conducted coordinated searches that revealed deficiencies in its branches across the region.

26 August 2021

Nicaragua approves anti-money laundering reforms

25 August 2021

Ex-FinCEN officials: SEC action undermines US anti-money laundering efforts

A controversial SEC anti-money laundering case brought to the US Supreme Court presents a “unique opportunity to make clear to the courts, regulators, and industry alike” that FinCEN has exclusive authority to enforce the Bank Secrecy Act and its regulations, two former agency officials argue.

24 August 2021

Austrac: terrorists obtain funding through major social media and e-commerce platforms

24 August 2021

Mozambique Tuna Bonds criminal trial begins

24 August 2021

Dubai sets up money laundering court

Dubai has announced the establishment of a specialised money laundering court designed to combat financial crime as part of the UAE’s push to strengthen its defences against illicit money flows.

23 August 2021

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