Law: Foreign Corrupt Practices Act 1977 (USA)

Judge clarifies Cognizant privilege ruling

In a searing order, a New Jersey federal judge said the company cannot redact internal investigation documents that two former Cognizant executives are entitled to review.

05 May 2022

Waste management company agrees foreign bribery settlement

Stericycle will pay at least $84 million to resolve US and Brazilian investigations into an international bribery scheme in Latin America.

20 April 2022

Cognizant deputy GC to join Unisys

Featured in In-house

The information technology company has hired Claudius Sokenu, a former SEC lawyer with extensive experience advising large businesses on FCPA investigations, to lead the company’s legal, ethics and compliance functions.

20 April 2022

DOJ’s FCPA accounting theory is not overly broad, says Brooklyn judge

A Brooklyn federal judge explained why she denied Roger Ng’s move to nix one of his FCPA charges at the 1MDB trial.

11 April 2022

Second Circuit sides with MTS in investor lawsuit

The appeals court rejected investors’ claims that the Russian telecoms company misled them over its foreign bribery settlement.

01 April 2022

DOJ pushes back against adverse FCPA ruling

“A contrary ruling would create a gaping loophole in the law that would frustrate the FCPA’s statutory purpose,” prosecutors said in their appeal of a foreign bribery case that was dismissed on jurisdictional grounds.

31 March 2022

Ex-adoption agency employee sentenced to a year over Uganda bribery

Robin Longoria, who worked at a now-defunct adoption agency, admitted to falsifying documents to secure US adoptions from Uganda.

24 March 2022

Two appeals courts shut down Mexican healthcare agency’s bribery appeal

“It is hard to imagine that Mexico’s interest in this suit would be less than that of the United States,” the Sixth Circuit said in ruling that Mexico is a better venue for the case.

21 March 2022

FCPA Docket: US aims to fix “corruption problem”

In today’s news roundup, a Republican senator wants to expand the FCPA to target companies that enable alleged human rights abuses in China and a Treasury Department official says the US knows it has its “own corruption problem”.

04 February 2022

Senior Fraud Section official prepares to leave DOJ

The acting chief of the Fraud Section is looking to leave the US Department of Justice for private practice, according to people familiar with the matter.

03 February 2022

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