Jorge Hage: convincing companies to cooperate

Lawyers in Brazil have advised companies against disclosing possible violations of the country’s new foreign bribery law, while uncertainty about the law’s fine details remains. But Jorge Hage, the chief minister of Brazil’s main anti-corruption enforcer the CGU, aims to dispel those reservations.

01 October 2014

Giovanni Kessler: OLAF investigations, patchy prosecution and the new European Commission

Giovanni Kessler is the director-general of the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), which investigates fraud against the EU budget. Speaking to GIR, the former Italian prosecutor discussed cooperation with European enforcement agencies, his support for the creation of a European public prosecutor, and his multicultural enforcement staff.

26 September 2014

Maria Fernanda Garza: corruption clauses, stepping on toes and political will

Featured in Investigator's Guide to Mexico

At the International Bar Association and International Chamber of Commerce Latin American anti-corruption conference held in Mexico City in May, Marieke Breijer met with Maria Fernanda Garza, chair of the ICC’s Mexican chapter, to discuss the organisation’s role in combating corruption locally in Mexico and worldwide.

02 July 2014

Nicola Bonucci: Under-enforcement, double jeopardy and emerging markets

GIR editorial board member Nicola Bonucci is general counsel at the Organisation for Economic Coordination and Development. David Vascott met him at the OECD’s headquarters in Paris.

01 July 2014

Marc Henzelin: European investigations, Swiss banks and unusual clients

GIR editorial board member Marc Henzelin is an investigations, international business crime defence and asset recovery lawyer at Lalive in Geneva.

07 May 2014

Mike Koehler: the uncomfortable truths about FCPA enforcement

Mike Koehler, FCPA expert and author of the FCPA Professor blog, talks to GIR about his new book ‘The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act In A New Era’. He discusses how the FCPA industry could be partly responsible for increasing levels of enforcement, how the authorities lose cases when challenged in court and when there is such a thing as too much compliance.

17 April 2014

David Kirk: light-touch regulation, individual prosecutions and agency cooperation

David Kirk joined McGuireWoods in January from the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), where he was chief criminal counsel. Here, he discusses the impact DPAs will have in the UK, the future of the FCA and the revolving door.

16 April 2014

Homer Moyer: declinations, disclosure and double-dipping

Homer Moyer, a member at Miller & Chevalier in Washington, DC, is one of the world’s leading FCPA experts. David Vascott spoke to him at the ABA White Collar Crime conference in Miami.

08 April 2014

David Green: A changing SFO

David Green became director of the UK’s Serious Fraud Office in April 2012 after 25 years of prosecuting and defending at the criminal bar. Here, Green speaks to GIR about the authority’s renewed vision; comparisons to US corporate prosecutions; the arrival of DPAs; and the use of external counsel in the Victor Dahdaleh trial.

03 April 2014

To disclose or not disclose: William Shepherd talks to GIR about NGO investigations

Holland & Knight partner William Shepherd talks to GIR about what to do when faced with a corruption scandal involving NGO funds.

12 March 2014

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