Weissmann: Fraud Section will work to ‘fast-track’ self-reported FCPA cases

The Department of Justice will use newly hired prosecutors to expedite cases of self-reported foreign bribery, the Criminal Division’s Andrew Weissmann said in an interview in advance of his appearance on Tuesday, 9 February at GIR Live DC.

05 February 2016

New Zealand SFO head: we must improve cooperation to reduce investigation costs

In an interview with GIR, the head of New Zealand’s SFO, Julie Read, talks about the likely effects of the country’s new anti-corruption legislation on the authority’s ability to successfully prosecute foreign bribery cases – which so far, it has failed to do.

18 January 2016

Asking US about foreign bribery fines is the “new norm”, SFO corruption head says

In an interview with GIR, the SFO’s joint head of bribery and corruption says that companies don’t have to meet all of the public interest criteria set out in the DPA guidelines, including prompt self-reporting of misconduct, to qualify for such a settlement.

03 December 2015

Deltan Dallagnol: the prosecutor behind Brazil’s Petrobras investigation

Deltan Dallagnol leads the task force overseeing Brazil’s major corruption investigation, Operation Car Wash. He talks to GIR about where the case is heading, why spinning off parts of the investigation to other areas of the country is a mistake, and why he won’t negotiate joint corporate leniency settlements with the CGU.

03 November 2015

Alun Milford, SFO: how we work with the NCA on foreign bribery cases

The SFO’s general counsel, Alun Milford, talks to GIR about how the agency is working together with – and not in competition with – the National Crime Agency’s international corruption unit, why the UK government fully supports the authority, and how the SFO does not have to rely on voluntary disclosures from companies.

02 November 2015

Éliane Houlette: France’s super prosecutor

Featured in Investigator's Guide to France

Éliane Houlette talks with Rahul Rose about the need for more plea bargains in France, difficulties in bringing successful foreign bribery prosecutions and why she hasn’t yet relied on an internal investigation report in a case.

23 October 2015

An interview with Leslie Caldwell

Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell of the US Department of Justice's Criminal Division spoke to David Vascott at GIR Live New York about what the Yates Memo will mean in practical terms for investigations lawyers and the white-collar crime bar.

30 September 2015

Frankfurt prosecutors: weak cooperation, self-reporting and dawn raids

Featured in Investigator's Guide to Germany

In an interview with GIR, Frankfurt prosecutors Albrecht Schreiber and Markus Weimann tell lawyers to stop handing over worthless interview notes in an attempt to cooperate, and hit back at claims that they lack the resources to investigate cases.

17 June 2015

Gilles Michaud: Foreign bribery, debarment and always finding a way to investigate

Featured in Investigator's Guide to Canada

Assistant Commissioner Gilles Michaud heads the National Division of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, which investigates breaches of Canada’s foreign corruption legislation. Tom Webb spoke to him in the National Division’s headquarters in Ottawa to see what’s keeping the division busy.

29 May 2015

David Wyss: FINMA, Forex and the FCA

David Wyss, head of enforcement at Switzerland’s Financial Markets Supervisory Authority (FINMA) has been at the forefront of some of the world’s largest financial misconduct cases. He spoke to Rahul Rose about sharing information with foreign enforcers, the challenges of commissioning internal investigations and the need to go after individuals.

25 March 2015

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