Adam Hickey: work with us on cybercrime

Adam Hickey, the deputy assistant attorney general at the US Department of Justice’s national security division, talks to GIR about the DOJ’s cybersecurity priorities under Donald Trump and how companies should handle cyberattacks

26 October 2017

Hui Chen: Companies need to start thinking for themselves

The DOJ's former compliance counsel speaks to GIR about the very best and the very worst things she's seen from companies during her time at the criminal division's fraud section.

01 August 2017

RCMP superintendent Denis Desnoyers: “We don’t set out to bankrupt a company”

Featured in Investigator's Guide to Canada

Denis Desnoyers, the head of criminal operations for the National Division at the RCMP, discusses processes to resolve blanket privilege claims, interactions between RCMP investigators and Canada’s prosecutorial body, and how the police may act to help limit costs for companies under investigation.

18 July 2017

WilmerHale, waivers and when to stop investigating

GIR speaks to WilmerHale partners Boyd Johnson and Stephen Pollard about how the firm’s investigations practice has developed over the past five years, and how Johnson and Pollard foresee the law and practice of investigations taking shape over the next five years.

11 May 2017

Claudio Mascotto: Panama Papers, Beny Steinmetz and returning assets stolen by dictators

Claudio Mascotto, a senior prosecutor at the Office of the Geneva Attorney General, talks to GIR about his office’s investigation into billionaire mining magnate Beny Steinmetz, the difficulty of conducting cross border investigations and a controversial Swiss Supreme Court decision in October 2016 that stripped external counsel of privilege protections during bank investigations.

18 January 2017

Stuart Alford QC: Building bridges with the US

Several months into his new role as partner at Latham & Watkins, Stuart Alford QC, the Serious Fraud Office’s former joint head of fraud, discusses whether “the revolving door” exists in the UK, the attraction of working for a US firm in London and his practice before and after the SFO.

02 December 2016

Marianne Djupesland: Yara, Telenor and waiving privilege

In an interview with GIR, Marianne Djupesland, the head of corruption at Norway’s prosecution authority Økokrim rejects Transparency International’s 2015 criticisms that the country has a “moderate enforcement rate” and reiterates that companies do not have to waive privilege to be seen as cooperative – despite practitioners telling GIR otherwise.

02 June 2016

Bilfinger monitor prefers "freedom and opportunities" of solo practice

In an interview with GIR, Bilfinger corporate monitor Mark Livschitz talks about why he left Baker & McKenzie to set up his own practice.

08 April 2016

Weissmann: Fraud Section will work to ‘fast-track’ self-reported FCPA cases

The Department of Justice will use newly hired prosecutors to expedite cases of self-reported foreign bribery, the Criminal Division’s Andrew Weissmann said in an interview in advance of his appearance on Tuesday, 9 February at GIR Live DC.

05 February 2016

New Zealand SFO head: we must improve cooperation to reduce investigation costs

In an interview with GIR, the head of New Zealand’s SFO, Julie Read, talks about the likely effects of the country’s new anti-corruption legislation on the authority’s ability to successfully prosecute foreign bribery cases – which so far, it has failed to do.

18 January 2016

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