DOJ official: Private-sector tip-offs fuelling economic espionage cases

The Justice Department’s counterintelligence chief has said the pursuit of economic espionage has been greatly aided by cooperation from the US private sector.

03 April 2020

France readying charges against individuals in Airbus bribery probe

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“This is part of our policy here at the PNF: that companies are not the only ones that are accountable for corrupt practices, but individuals are also accountable for the conduct,” a senior French prosecutor told GIR in an interview.

04 March 2020

Olivier Catherine on Sapin II, AFA audits and the French paradox

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The Paris-based group general counsel at French electrical parts distributor Sonepar – the first company to have successfully completed an audit by France’s anti-corruption agency, AFA – speaks to GIR about his company’s approach to investigations and his thoughts on the local enforcement landscape.

09 December 2019

Danske Bank aims to lead the Nordics’ fight against financial crime

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Satnam Lehal, Danske Bank's head of financial crime compliance, spoke to GIR in an interview about the bank's response to one of the world's largest money laundering scandals.

25 September 2019

Glenn Leon: “We view the engagement with our outside counsel as a partnership”

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s chief ethics and compliance officer – and former federal prosecutor – Glenn Leon explains the situations in which he would rely on outside counsel, why he stocked his team with other former law enforcement officials, and how HP keeps tabs on internal compliance reports from across the globe.

11 July 2019

Michael Sevi: “We hire lawyers who understand our industry”

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Michael Sevi, the group deputy chief compliance officer at Marsh & McLennan, tells GIR how the company tackles investigations, his expectations for external counsel and how he encourages speaking up.

24 June 2019

Catherine Razzano: “Don’t let perfection get in the way of progress”

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The VP and chief ethics and compliance officer at Panasonic Avionics Corporation talks to GIR about the advice she’d have given herself ahead of her current role and about the company’s approach to internal investigations.

14 May 2019

An interview with Anne Riley

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The head of Shell’s global antitrust team, Anne Riley, will step down at the end of February after 35 years as a practising lawyer. She spoke to GIR’s sister publication Global Competition Review about the relentless march of technology and the legacy she will leave behind at Shell.

13 February 2019

An interview with Jason Cofield

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Former prosecutor Jason Cofield is director of compliance investigations at Fresenius Medical Care North America. He tells GIR about how the German-owned medical supplies company approaches whistleblowing and internal investigations.

18 December 2018

John Gibson: “We may be obliged to challenge overly ambitious privilege claims”

SFO case controller John Gibson, who led the authority’s high-profile privilege challenge against mining company ENRC, speaks to GIR about whether the decision had a chilling effect on internal investigations, the importance of international cooperation and the need to think about how to present complex financial cases to juries.

24 April 2018

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