Topic: International cooperation

Germany buys tax data from Dubai to clamp down on evasion

14 June 2021

OLAF opened more investigations in 2020

10 June 2021

Gulnara Karimova lawyer reports Uzbekistan to the UN

04 June 2021

Central American groups set up anti-corruption body

04 June 2021

China raises fines under draft money laundering law

01 June 2021

EPPO kicks off its fight against corruption

The EU’s public prosecution office is set to launch its operations after appointing over 100 prosecutors from 22 countries.

01 June 2021

Sweden charges four ex-Ericsson employees over Djibouti bribery scheme

27 May 2021

European Public Prosecutor's Office to launch in June

26 May 2021

Chris Cestaro: Prosecutors’ new subpoena power is a “big deal”

The former FCPA Unit chief told GIR in an interview that the additional powers given to US authorities to subpoena foreign banks that maintain a US correspondent account “could be a game changer”.

25 May 2021

Ukraine tables law to improve anti-corruption agency’s independence

24 May 2021

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