Topic: International cooperation

GIR sanctions roundtable transcript: Part I

The conversation focuses on US/UK priorities in the sanctions landscape; how the jurisdictions approach sanctions and licensing; and private sector views on tensions between commercial and compliance risks.

10 September 2021

Ghanaian pressure group demand Airbus-linked corruption probe into former president

06 September 2021

EPPO and European Court of Auditors boost cooperation

06 September 2021

Baltic authorities target Estonian bank in coordinated action

Financial regulators in the Baltic states have urged Estonian bank Luminor to improve its anti-money laundering measures after authorities conducted coordinated searches that revealed deficiencies in its branches across the region.

26 August 2021

US shipping company tries to block IRS subpoenas issued on Russia’s behalf

20 August 2021

Spain extends foreign bribery probe targeting engineering company

11 August 2021

Indian businessman can appeal against UK extradition order

10 August 2021

UAE and China sign anti-money laundering collaboration agreement

04 August 2021

DOJ staff struggling to deal with weight of foreign evidence requests

The international affairs office of the DOJ’s criminal division says that it doesn’t have enough resources to deal with its backlog of mutual legal assistance cases.

23 July 2021

European Commission unveils plans for new anti-money laundering body

The EU wants to create a new, bloc-wide anti-money laundering regulator to tackle illicit financial flows across its 27 member states.

21 July 2021

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