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Financial crime litigators file amicus in FCPA jurisdictional fight

The DOJ is ignoring the Congressional intent by casting such a wide net to “pursue alleged wrongdoers wherever they can be found in the world,” the lawyers said.

08 June 2022

DOJ pushes back against adverse FCPA ruling

“A contrary ruling would create a gaping loophole in the law that would frustrate the FCPA’s statutory purpose,” prosecutors said in their appeal of a foreign bribery case that was dismissed on jurisdictional grounds.

31 March 2022

DOJ to appeal adverse FCPA jurisdictional ruling

US prosecutors said they will ask the Fifth Circuit to review whether they have jurisdiction to prosecute a Swiss asset manager accused of participating in a foreign bribery scheme.

08 December 2021

DOJ dealt jurisdictional blow in PDVSA bribery case

A federal judge rejected the DOJ’s theory that a Swiss asset manager acted as an agent under the FCPA for her alleged role in a corrupt scheme at Venezuela’s state oil company.

15 November 2021

US prosecutors defend agency theory in Venezuela bribery case

The DOJ called out a Swiss asset manager for purportedly fleeing US jurisdiction and once again defended its prosecutorial scope under the FCPA.

14 December 2020

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