As companies learn to navigate GDPR, the cost of cooperation increases

Lawyers told GIR Just Anti-Corruption how best to appease US authorities – hungry for overseas evidence – when up against the latest hurdle in foreign bribery cases. But the solution is neither fast nor cheap.

31 August 2018

The making of a compliance monitor

How a contentious selection process for an FCPA monitor led to a new career for a prominent UK litigation lawyer.

29 August 2018

The silent FCPA investigators

GIR Just Anti-Corruption highlights a team of US investigators, dubbed the “silent service”, who recently worked alongside the DOJ and FBI in uncovering bribery at a major engineering company.

02 August 2018

Inside a company’s decision to self-report bribery

How board members and lawyers for a major oil services company grappled with determining the best legal strategy while fearing the company had engaged in widespread foreign bribery.

01 August 2018

DOJ records offer window into lucrative world of FCPA monitorships

Companies showed little appetite for promoting diversity in the types of candidates they nominated for foreign bribery monitorships, according to records obtained from the Department of Justice through a Freedom of Information Act request.

02 July 2018

The forgotten FCPA investigators

GIR Just Anti-Corruption profiles a US agency with an unexpected role in investigating foreign bribery.

29 June 2018

The future of the investigations firm

Featured in In-house

Companies are increasingly finding themselves under scrutiny: from government enforcement actions, media probes, whistleblower claims and more. GIR invited six leading specialists to explore how firms should position themselves over the coming years to meet an increased demand for effective and prudent investigations.

30 April 2018

In global enforcement rush, SBM Offshore became “roadkill”

There is growing discontent among defence lawyers of what they see as unnecessary piling on by authorities in foreign bribery cases.

22 February 2018

How to control the costs of investigations

Featured in In-house

Leading practitioners and senior in-house counsel discuss how best to prevent the costs of investigations from spiralling out of control, whether different fee arrangements can help and the pitfalls of using artificial intelligence

26 January 2018

Bias in monitorship selections has become ‘self-perpetuating myth’

Privately, lawyers complain that the monitorship selection process for FCPA settlements favours a small, exclusive club of defence attorneys over those with true compliance expertise.

09 January 2018

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