Divisive, zealous and connected: The investigator behind the Ahsanis’ US deal

How a controversial private investigator changed the fortunes of a family at the heart of one of the world’s largest recent bribery scandals.

12 November 2021

Ten years of the UK Bribery Act: corporate enforcement reach remains unclear

The UK Bribery Act ushered in ground-breaking new legislation to hold companies to account, but practitioners say a decade of sparse corporate enforcement means many questions around the law’s potential reach remain unanswered.

30 June 2021

The World Bank’s increasing focus on high-impact cases and compliance

Defence lawyers and former World Bank officials tell GIR how the Integrity Vice Presidency has changed, and where it is headed.

19 January 2021

How the DOJ’s 1MDB investigation unfolded

GIR tells the story of how the many-headed investigation evolved inside the DOJ, from the squabbles to the successes.

05 January 2021

The art of the virtual interview

Practitioners list the virtual interview tips and techniques, picked up over the course of the pandemic, to take into the new year.

10 December 2020

US companies’ foreign subsidiaries continue to pose major sanctions risk

The Treasury Department has underscored through penalties it has handed down this year for sanctions violations that US-based companies must subject their foreign subsidiaries to intense scrutiny.

27 November 2020

The Danish tax authority’s campaign to recoup cum-ex billions

Denmark has tasked its tax agency with chasing down $2 billion that the country says it has lost through cum-ex trades. GIR spoke with the agency about the operation.

11 November 2020

The outlook for US white-collar enforcement post election

Former government officials now in private practice tell GIR what could change in white-collar enforcement after the US presidential election.

29 October 2020

Companies face stricter conditions to throw off US sanctions

The US Treasury Department has recently begun demanding that companies show evidence of how they will ensure ongoing compliance with US sanctions before it will remove them from banned entities lists.

16 October 2020

Behind Danske Bank’s recruitment drive to revamp its compliance

Featured in In-house

Philippe Vollot, Danske Bank’s chief compliance officer, spoke to GIR about his “obsession” with bringing in a new wave of experts to overhaul the bank’s compliance culture in the wake of a huge money laundering scandal.

15 September 2020

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