Lawyers say latest Hoskins decision could force DOJ to look beyond FCPA to prosecute foreign nationals

Other white-collar statutes may be easier to use against foreign nationals who engage in bribery but are hard to reach under the FCPA’s jurisdiction, lawyers said.

23 August 2022

Ex-AUSA tapped for Moldova’s top anti-corruption job

The prosecutor, who recently traded Los Angeles for the country where she was born, tells GIR that she hopes to make Moldova's anti-corruption office an institution that citizens “can rely on, work with, and depend on to enforce the law”.

03 August 2022

SFO reviews pile on the pressure

UK practitioners condemned the UK’s anti-fraud watchdog for the “basic” failures described in recent reviews of the agency and say the reports provide an urgent opportunity for learning and reflection by the SFO and the government.

28 July 2022

Inside HMRC’s export control enforcement strategy

GIR has obtained the guiding principles that the UK’s tax and customs agency uses to resolve criminal investigations into companies accused of violating export restrictions.

13 July 2022

The DOJ “caught a minnow” with ex-Goldman Sachs banker’s trial

Lawyers and experts consider the legacy of the Roger Ng trial and the wider 1MDB investigation for the US and Malaysia.

01 July 2022

Immunity deal for yacht company reveals US strategy for oligarch probes

Former federal prosecutors believe the DOJ’s decision to trade immunity for information about a yacht’s oligarch owner is a warning shot for the yacht building industry and other sectors that serve the super-rich.

24 June 2022

National security focus takes centre stage at DOJ

Following Lisa Monaco’s comments that sanctions are “the new FCPA”, lawyers pointed out an increasing overlap between the two areas of enforcement.

02 May 2022

Divisive, zealous and connected: The investigator behind the Ahsanis’ US deal

How a controversial private investigator changed the fortunes of a family at the heart of one of the world’s largest recent bribery scandals.

12 November 2021

Ten years of the UK Bribery Act: corporate enforcement reach remains unclear

The UK Bribery Act ushered in ground-breaking new legislation to hold companies to account, but practitioners say a decade of sparse corporate enforcement means many questions around the law’s potential reach remain unanswered.

30 June 2021

The World Bank’s increasing focus on high-impact cases and compliance

Defence lawyers and former World Bank officials tell GIR how the Integrity Vice Presidency has changed, and where it is headed.

19 January 2021

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