Binance resolution signals “some optimism” about crypto compliance, lawyers say

After getting hit with a record $4 billion fine for widespread compliance failures, the company has a chance to regain customer trust and avoid further regulatory issues abroad. But it will first need to survive two demanding monitorships.

06 February 2024

PNF prosecutor: the public interest has no price

Senior prosecutor Jérôme Simon, who helped draft the very law that introduced France’s financial crime agency, provided GIR with an exclusive look into its inner workings.

29 January 2024

Crypto and cooperation: trends in OFAC enforcement to continue in 2024

After a record-setting year, the US civil sanctions enforcer’s focus on the cryptocurrency sector and its collaboration with partner agencies looks set to continue, experts predict.

26 January 2024

Relations sour between Mongolia and ex-Rio Tinto insiders

Richard Bowley and Maurice Duffy believe they helped Mongolia negotiate a settlement with Rio Tinto worth over $2 billion. The Mongolian government thinks the pair are straining the country’s partnership with the mining business.

25 January 2024

Canadian businessman’s bribery sentence shows disparities for foreign defendants

Featured in Investigator's Guide to Canada

US prosecutors and a federal judge tried to ensure Naeem Tyab would serve his three-year prison sentence in a minimum-security “prison camp”, but the Bureau of Prisons ultimately decided he was ineligible as a “deportable alien”.

08 December 2023

Amadea ownership battle could foreshadow challenges for KleptoCapture

While a former Rosneft executive fights the DOJ’s attempts to forfeit the luxury megayacht, it sits in San Diego, where it costs taxpayers an estimated $1 million per month to maintain.

09 November 2023

Theatre trips, private school fees and nannies: inside the UK’s effort to curtail oligarchs’ high-rolling lifestyles

Recently disclosed internal guidance reveals how the UK government seeks to limit the types of payments that sanctioned people can justify as meeting their “basic needs”.

03 November 2023

FCA puts UK financial sector on notice over sanctions compliance

The UK financial regulator’s recent assessment of companies’ compliance with sanctions following Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine should serve as a warning that enforcement activity will follow, London lawyers said.

21 September 2023

Switzerland’s investigations bar

Featured in Investigator’s Guide to Switzerland

GIR profiles the leading boutiques and full-service firms for investigations in Switzerland.

11 September 2023

Workplace culture cases pose enforcement challenge for the FCA

In the wake of a sexual harassment scandal at a London investment business, GIR explores the Financial Conduct Authority’s efforts to punish companies and individuals for non-financial misconduct.

31 July 2023

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