Topic: Enforcement policy

FCA: companies may be missing signs of spoofing

17 November 2021

NABU: New law strengthens anti-corruption agency’s independence

10 November 2021

RCMP sees steady growth of foreign bribery self-reports

10 November 2021

DOJ enforcement policy changes may discourage self-reporting

Recent changes to the way the DOJ handles corporate settlement agreements may discourage businesses from self-reporting misconduct, defence lawyers said.

09 November 2021

DOJ’s focus on corporate recidivism a “significant” policy shift

The DOJ’s promise to consider a company’s full history of misconduct when making corporate charging decisions has created uncertainty for companies.

08 November 2021

SFO “learning the lessons” from Serco trial collapse

SFO director Lisa Osofsky said her agency “could have done things differently and better” in the failed prosecution of former executives of UK outsourcing company Serco.

03 November 2021

Biden DOJ introduces first wave of corporate enforcement changes

The DOJ reversed two Trump-era corporate enforcement policies and said it will now take an expansive view of what types of prior misconduct may affect charging decisions against companies.

28 October 2021

UK government announces new tax to fund anti-money laundering objectives

28 October 2021

French lawyers ask president to amend legal advice privilege bill

“Clients just won’t have confidence in speaking to their attorney; the whole point of having an attorney-client relationship will just die,” said one white-collar lawyer.

26 October 2021

France to consider tough anti-corruption reforms

A French politician has proposed wide-ranging changes to the country’s anti-corruption apparatus including making companies liable for failing to prevent crimes.

24 October 2021

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